How To Find your Creative Voice and Take Action

How To Find your Creative Voice and Take Action

Recently I felt like I’d lost my creative voice. When you’re surrounded by content everywhere you go, it can be overwhelming, right? We spend so much time taking in other people’s creativity and opinions through the amazing outlets available by a quick swipe on our phones, but it’s so easy to feel stagnated and lose your sense of self. So let’s work on that. Follow these tips and find your creative voice again.

Create a vision board of your ideas and dreams. Create your own ‘feed’: pour yourself a coffee, put on a great playlist, sit on the floor and cut up magazines and stick what inspires you to a board to put on your desk, wall, fridge…somewhere you will see it! Or create a board on Canva and set your creative vision board as your desktop or your phone background, so you see your curation of inspiring ideas everyday.

Try something new. Sign up for a free trial on Skillshare*, or even look on YouTube for tutorials and learn a new skill. Sometimes learning something new and completely out of your comfort zone can bring out new ideas and creativity. Recently we drove up to the Sussex Downs and I pretended I was a fierce, smizing model (ok it was bright and windy, I was really squinting) – and I’ve been experimenting with editing the photos in Lightroom. Sometimes playing around with something new can allow you to find new realms of creativity because when you’re new to something, you don’t have to be the best (or even good), so there’s no pressure.

creative voice, image edited in Lightroom, girl in Sussex

Journal. One of the best things I’ve done for myself lately is picking up (yes, another) new notebook and spending even a small amount of time journalling everyday most days. Write down things that you’re grateful for, things that you desire, things that are blocking you. This can help you find mental clarity and happiness – and guess what – when you’re grateful and happy, your creative voice comes rolling on back.

Take a break from social media. A few days away from social media can be gold for your mental wellbeing and for finding your voice, creative or otherwise. I’m trying to fill more of my time reading (though the struggle is hard sometimes), some books I recommend:

On my bookshelf – 1

On my bookshelf – 2

You’re probably bored of being told to meditate, but there’s a reason meditation is so popular, and it can really help you to find your own voice. I spend a huge amount of time consuming content that to actually sit for 10 minutes with no podcast, no YouTube video, no scrolling through Instagram, no Netflix, feels like a walk in nature. Speaking of a walk: going for a 10 minute walk without your phone or ipod can give some mental clarity and actually helps you think for yourself. I’ve been trying to get out for a quick walk on my own more lately, and it really does help.

Creative image Lightroom experiment

I’ve always been an advocate for “If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it”, but that being said…at some point you have to stop saying no and just do the thing you’ve been dreaming of. If what you’re doing isn’t working, try a different way. These tips should help you do just that, and help you find your creative voice again. Let me know how you get on!

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