My Yoga Teaching Goals

My Yoga Teaching Goals

A year ago today I was in New York teaching my final practical exam for my 200 hour yoga teacher training with YogaWorks. It’s a strange mix of feeling like it was just the other day and also like it was an age ago. Honestly, I’m still digesting everything I learned a year on, and I’m so desperate to learn more. At the same time, I need to be honest with myself (satya), accept that I have the knowledge I need, and make some commitments to share what I’ve learned – after all, that’s why I trained to be a teacher!

I’ve taken class with some incredible teachers over the years who have the most expansive knowledge and nourishing teaching styles who I really admire and whose footsteps I would love to follow in. While this is a great source of inspiration, it does at times leave me feeling a little daunted and just generally overwhelmed! Now I know it’s a little unrealistic to expect to be a great teacher at first, the teachers who I follow have a wealth of experience behind them, which they have gained by getting out there and teaching.

I thought it would be a great idea to post my upcoming plans/ideas for getting started with teaching on here, to hold myself accountable and so that you can share your experiences and opinions with me! These are pretty short term goals and some of them aren’t in too much detail, so if you want to know more please ask!

Yoga goddess pose brighton

Online teaching goals

  • Start sharing helpful information on the ‘gram – expect to see more posts/stories sharing everything yoga: philosophy, anatomy, tips for asana, Sanskrit and more!
  • Share more blog posts breaking down different postures
  • This one I’m slightly terrified but also so excited for, I’m going to start sharing video tutorials of yoga flows online!

In person teaching goals

  • Set up regular classes in Brighton and Hove (and beyond!)
  • Offer private yoga classes
  • Attend workshops and classes with different teachers to expand my experience and get fresh inspiration
  • Read, read, read – keep learning and keep sharing

yoga dharma wheel

yoga dolphin pose

So there you have it, these are the goals I’m going to get working on to develop my teaching skills/practice! I’m really excited about this, I think breaking things down into smaller goals is the best way to stop from becoming overwhelmed. Is there anything else you think I should add to my lists? Anything you think would be useful for you, or that you would like to learn about? Or if you are a teacher, anything that helped you when you first started teaching? I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress via the blog, Instagram…and maybe even YouTube!

Have a great weekend everyone!