How To Have A Good Morning In Autumn/Winter

How To Have A Good Morning In Autumn/Winter

Oh, Autumn/Winter, you bring so many treats and so many things to look forward to – wearing jumpers and boots, crunchy leaves, eating extra pudding, leaving it a really long time before shaving my legs….! But there’s one thing that winter brings that we could probably all do without: shorter days, longer nights.

I am a morning person, but that being said, I’m also someone who loves waking up to natural light, and already, on September 24th (three days in to Autumn!) I’m struggling with the sunrise getting later, which leads my lie ins getting longer, and generally a to a less productive me.

If you are like me and are struggling to wake up and get out of bed during these dark mornings, fear not! Here are some of my favourite tips to get you going when you wake:


Ok so no points for guessing that yoga would be at the top of my list! But the difference in energy levels between days when you get up and get moving, and days when you roll out of bed without ironing out the kinks in your muscles and joints will amaze you! Plus you will have achieved something within minutes of waking up – why not give yourself a reason to feel smug?! It doesn’t need to be long, whatever you have time for and whatever your body wants. I’m putting together a post with a series of postures to help wake you up too, one to look out for in the next week or so!

Go to bed earlier

I admit, this one is probably the most annoying on this list, but I think it’s probably the most effective. Getting enough sleep is CRUCIAL, I need around 8 hours a night but anywhere from 7-9 hours is optimum. When I’ve slept for 8 hours I find myself ready to wake up and get up, not wanting to stay in bed that extra 30 minutes.

It’s all about a routine

Set a routine that works for you and stick to it. It might be tricky at first, but design your routine (with realistic timings!) and work to stick to it. In no time your body will go into autopilot and getting up won’t be so tough.

Reach for the dry brush

I feel like dry brushes are one of those strange things you see at the pharmacy and don’t ever think of buying, or they’re an extra in a gift set  that you keep to be polite, leave lying around, gathering dust and you eventually throw it away without ever using. But I can confirm that they are amazing! How to do it: start from the bottom and work your way up, brushing gently in circular motions. Doing this improves blood circulation and is invigorating! Also an amazing way to shed any dead skin cells – no need to exfoliate!

Hydrate yourself

Drink that water/h2o/aqua/whatever you want to call it. Get it in early, add lemon juice and ginger, warmed up, cooled down, plain and simple: whatever floats your boat. Get the wonderful stuff in your system before reaching for your morning coffee…you’ve heard everyone say it forever, so be like Nike and #justdoit

Ditch the snooze

The snooze button is not your friend. It pretends to be, it’s so inviting….just 5 more minutes…but the next thing you know 30 minutes have gone by and you are LATE. The snooze button is a false friend – I’d advise cutting off all ties now!

Treat yo’self

Plan to do something you like in the morning. When I know I’m going to do something I like, I find it so much easier to fly out of bed and into the day, so even if it’s giving yourself 10 minutes to read a book, or having a delicious breakfast, or even baking something, give yourself something to look forward to. Mornings don’t have to mean rushing around and miserably crawling into work.

Hope some of these tips help…I’ve been trying them out over the past few weeks and they’re working a treat for me! Small changes to your routine can mean big changes to your overall wellbeing – they may not all work for you but it’s trial and error. An extra thing I’m looking forward to once we put the heating on is prepping my clothes the night before and having them warming on the radiator for the morning!

I must say I’m really looking forward to Autumn and Winter now…bring on the snuggly clothes and red lipstick!