Five Top Tips for Building Your Self Confidence

Five Top Tips for Building Your Self Confidence

In my latest post I talked about what self worth means to me, has meant to me, and what I want it to mean going forward. I’ve always been a pretty unconfident and shy person, never completely sure of myself, but I feel like something has shifted over recent years, and from accepting myself, I have grown to be a more confident person all around.

I’ve put together a list of the 5 things that I think have helped me to become more secure in myself – let’s go!


Especially things you’ve always wanted to do. Even if it’s just wearing a bright yellow coat, or a gold foil skirt, or think even bigger and go travelling around Europe with your friends, or go somewhere alone, or do a yoga teacher training! Putting yourself out there feels daunting, but it’s so exhilarating and will grow you as a person. The rewards you’ll reap from doing things that scare you are endless. For example – in 2015 I saved up some money, quit my job and planned a trip to New York where I spent 5 weeks doing things that were meaningful to me. I went to endless dance classes, fell in love with yoga, ate out alone and saw so many shows and performances. For those 5 weeks I lived a life that was so different from what I was used to, but it was so much fun and so enriching, inspiring and gave me a chance to grow.

So go out there and do the things that mean something to you!


So this is sort of two points merged into one. I’ve said it so many times – but I just think it’s so relevant: people show you what they want you to see – like a highlights reel. Try not to worry so much about all the great things other people are doing and the opportunities they appear to have that you might not, in fact – celebrate it. Feeling joy for other people’s success will make you feel great in turn. You don’t need to do what other people are doing, only what is important for you.

Secondly: I’m a strong believer that people are nice. People want you to be you. Don’t stress yourself about whether people are judging you, generally people are too busy thinking about themselves to worry about what you’re doing.

If you can switch off the button that cares about what other people think of you, you will learn to soar.


Seriously, be nicer to yourself. Give yourself a break – you are enough and you are great. And if you’re not doing everything you want to do right now, chill – you have time. Slow down.


Surround yourself with positive, enriching people who make you feel safe and who you feel yourself around. When it comes to the people you are spending your time with, it’s quality over quantity. I don’t consider myself to have many close friends – but the ones I do have, I completely trust and with them – I thrive. You never know when you might meet someone amazing too – the group of people I met during my yoga teacher training gave me a renewed sense of self and inspired me to no end.


Honour where you are on your journey. Be honest with yourself about the traits you might have that you might not be so keen to acknowledge and that’s when you will grow even more.


What makes you feel confident? I’m sure there are hundreds more ways than I’ve suggested, but I feel like when we do things that help us grow as people, we will thrive and find confidence and learn to value ourselves in a deeper way.


Where to next...?