Getting inspired online: Celebrating those who are kicking butt! First up: Shona Vertue

Getting inspired online: Celebrating those who are kicking butt! First up: Shona Vertue


I’m so inspired everyday by people in my life and online. It can be easy – especially online – to compare yourself to all the people whose Instagram accounts you follow who are posting amazing images of their lives everyday, and to get down on yourself. But it really doesn’t need to be this way. I saw someone posted a quote the other day which I really loved and which actually inspired this post, I can’t remember who posted it though (let me know if you know!) but I did some googling and found the quote:

It just got me thinking about all the people out there who are kicking butt at what they’re doing, who inspire me daily, and who I wanted to celebrate and share with you! I planned to write this post about four people but then I kept thinking about more and more people and had too much to say about each person – so I’m going to run this as a series instead! It’ll give me a chance to shine a spotlight on someone who I appreciate and to share what I think they’re doing great, and really celebrate them!

So let’s get to it!

Instagram: @shona_vertue

Shona Vertue is a hugely inspiring. I challenge you to look through her blog/website/Instagram/anythingshedoes and not feel empowered and motivated – not only by the incredible images she shares, but by the important knowledge that she shares alongside them. She has created her own method of training which combines yoga, weights and meditation, such a well-rounded and perfect combination, and Shona’s online feed is serious evidence that it’s working for her. I seriously can’t wait to get to a Vertue Method class but she’s so amazing they book up within seconds – either we need more classes, or I just need to get my butt in gear (something she encourages!) and be quicker! Everything she says seems to be so well thought out and so intelligent, which I find to be really exciting, I love the emphasis on finding strength, along with flexibility. Also one of the only people online encouraging us to get outside and away from our phones – and backs this up with articles and gives us examples of how she actually does this in her own life. She suggests: “more plants, less pants” – I’m working on the more plants but I think I’ll have to either wait for the weather in England to warm up, or to go on holiday for the less pants! Anyway, she’s awesome – go check her out! AND she has a book coming out in June – I can’t wait!

This is just the start of celebrating the people who I think are kicking butt and who are inspiring me! It feels so great to support others – let’s all try to do it more. Jealously and negativity do nothing for us, after all! Who inspires you? I’d love to know!


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