Diary of a Trainee Yoga Teacher: This end is just the beginning

Diary of a Trainee Yoga Teacher: This end is just the beginning

So the 200 hours of my first teacher training course are done, my three exams are completed and I am home from New York (Bring on June when we find out if I passed!). I couldn’t decide how I wanted to write this post – I have written many revisions since the day I actually finished the training two weeks ago! I can’t decide what is scarier: how quickly the whole experience went, or figuring out what is next and how I can use all of this amazing knowledge I’ve been given. Maybe I should use some of the philosophical ideas that we learned about and instead think of the latter as exciting rather than scary, because really, that’s what it is.

So am I ready to teach you yoga? I may well be. But I think I need to first find my voice, and I will do that by practising first with one person and building up my confidence from there.

I had no idea what to expect when I finally got the courage (and the exchange rate) to sign up for the teacher training, nor did I on my first day when I bumped into someone I used to take dance classes with in England 3 or 4 years ago but had never spoken to before (fate much?!). The training and our teachers were so much more than I could have ever imagined – so thorough, detailed, fun and supportive. And I now have 21 new friends from all over the world who I fully trust, have taught me so much and who just generally ROCK!

So the experience may be over (for now) but this is just the beginning of new adventures, new attitudes and new plans! I’ve kept this short and sweet but if anyone has any questions about my experience doing the training please feel free to send me a message as I’d love to be of any help!

Namaste 🙂


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