Being Cool.

Being Cool.

Just a little post about something someone said to me in New York that I thought was interesting (I’m a short hiatus from my yoga teacher training posts as I’m working on my final exam this week and need a break from thinking about yoga type things). A girl who was working on a project stopped me in the street and asked if she could take a photo of me, as she really liked my outfit, which was definitely ok with me – but in my awkwardness I asked her if I could smile in the picture, her response was “No, just be cool”, so I even more awkwardly attempted to pose in the moody, trying-to-smile-with-my-eyes-but-instead-definitely-looking-ridiculous-and-creepy way I’ve seen other people pose on Instagram. This girl was so nice but the experience left a bad taste in my mouth, I’m sure she didn’t mean anything personal, but it did just make me wonder – since when is smiling and being happy not cool?!?! In my experience, feeling the way you feel and owning it is about as cool as you can be? Just a thought.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is an awesome exhibit I saw at the MoMA by Nan Goldin which included hundreds of photos that were snapshots, it was so different and inspiring to see pictures that weren’t being posed for, no selfies or awkward group pictures – just life! Definitely something I’m going to try and do more of. Not that there’s anything wrong with selfies or other posed pictures, we need those too!

Here’s a few shots from my trip that I think work with these ideas…

I really love these pictures – my hair isn’t done and neither me or Nathan were ready for them to be taken but they turned out so amazingly! So let’s all go out and “be cool”, whatever that means to us!


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