From Workout to Work – How Music Can Help

From Workout to Work – How Music Can Help

I’m a relatively new gym-goer but I have always loved dancing and yoga, so I have always been aware of the effect different types of music can have on the way I’m moving. I think most people know what kind of music will pump them up and get them through a hard workout (current favourites for cardio: My Shot from Hamilton and How Far I’ll Go from Moana – just call me a Lin-Manuel Miranda obsessive) but I’m not convinced that we always consider how music can help us cooling down.

The reason this came about for me is because I was thinking about the effects of Savasana and how it really ties together the experience of a yoga class, whereas I find myself running out of the gym after a speedy shower and back to work with no time to slow down or breathe before I start working on the next thing.

After considering all of this, I’ve started ending my workouts with stretches and headstands and by changing up my playlist, to music that will help cool my mind down, alongside my body. I’m finding the effects on my mentality once I leave the gym really wonderful, I’m calmer and I’m ready for a new challenge. My current favourites to cool down to are most things by Ludovico Einaudi or Hannah Trigwell. The beauty of Einaudi is the lack of lyrics, it is so peaceful to just switch off and not have any information to take in, as most of the day we are reading people’s words or listening to people speak.

The power of chilling out is really becoming clear to me and I think this is a great way to implement an injection of serenity into my day! Let me know if this is something you do and what music you use!

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