Books I’m Loving: January 2017

Books I’m Loving: January 2017

In the past few years I’ve put reading to one side, not on purpose but more due to the increase in the availability of online content (ahem – Netflix and YouTube). So I’ve decided to put more effort into reading and thought it would be great to share some of the books, whether it’s fiction, recipes or something in between! So here are 4 books I’ve been enjoying recently!

American Wife – Curtis Sittenfeld

I read this novel on the recommendation of my Mum (whose book collection is big enough to start a library – no joke). It is the retelling of Alice Blackwell’s life from her own perspective and how she came to become the First Lady of the US in 2000. The book was written in 2009 and some of the subject matters, particularly this week, are so relevant – a president with extremely low approval ratings, for starters! The main character was born in the mid 1940s but she is so ahead of her time and so easily relatable, it is frustrating when reading the book to see so many male characters doing what we see politicians doing now – telling women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. This book is written beautifully and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has been following the recent elections (which is pretty much everyone – right?).

The Yoga Mentor – Celest Pereira

I’m an avid follower of Celest Pereira’s YouTube channel and Instagram and with my yoga teacher training looming closer I thought I would purchase her book, as I knew that she would have some great advice. First off I just want to say that I love that she has self published this – the Amazon reviews are so glowing and I feel like that is a rare thing for anyone, so that is AWESOME! Having watched Celest’s YouTube channel for a while I could really tell how genuine the book is, she has somehow managed to write in the exact way she speaks, with humour and honesty. I think I will have to read this book again following my teacher training (and probably many times after that) but I can already tell how invaluable all this advice is going to be and I really think every newly qualified yoga teacher should read this!

Eat Smart – Niomi Smart

If someone told me a year or two ago that I would be purchasing a plant based recipe book, I would have thought they were totally mad, when I was younger the only vegetables I would eat were courgettes and mushrooms! I actually pre-ordered this and have been loving it ever since. The recipes and the pictures are perfect but what I think I love most is the fact that Niomi is my age and she has managed to achieve all of this herself – so inspiring! I haven’t made as many things as I’d like to from the book yet but I’m going to keep challenging myself to try new foods and get creative more through the year!

The Good Life Eatery Cookbook – Shirin Kouros and Yasmine Larizadeh

I picked this book up while perusing Oliver Bonas (one of my favourite hobbies), it is the recipe book of the Good Life Eatery, based in London. I have never actually been to the restaurant itself but have heard great things, and the pictures in the book are so dreamy. So many delicious recipes in here (you can see I have gone through and bookmarked lots of pages of things I want to make!) The Warm Buddha Bowl and the Teriyaki Salmon have been my personal favourites so far – so many flavours and so tasty. May have to make a visit to the actual restaurant soon!

If you have been reading anything recently please do let me know! I have a reading list to buy for my teacher training but would love some more novels to read on my daily commute…nothing too sad though – crying on the train just isn’t a good look! I feel like there was a bit of a theme with the books I’ve purchased recently, a lot of empowered women, and that is so great – more of that please!


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