September Intentions

September Intentions

September always feels like the start of a new year, so it feels like a good opportunity to dive into new projects. For my September intentions I want to focus on saving money and developing myself.

My July intentions focussed around being kind, bold, doing more yoga and having more fun; I can safely say that I really did try to do these things and I carried these through August too. But there’s always room for improvement, right? So I won’t be totally forgetting them when I head into September.

Spend Mindfully

Ever find yourself in a bit of a money rut? Things aren’t bad but I feel like I’m bailing out my boat to keep afloat and I don’t feel like my money is going where I want it to.

I did a little experiment and went through my last bank statement to see where I’m spending my money. Honestly, a good chunk is going on lunch for when I’m ‘too busy’ to go home from work to eat. So my answer there is to plan my lunch in advance, as much as possible – and also to get out and enjoy my lunch break!

I’m also going to think before I spend – do I need what I’m buying, or could that money be used better somewhere else?

Dedicate time to learning French

At school I studied French and have been a lover of all things France, culture, food, fashion et cetera, for years. Though I loved it, after leaving school I stopped learning the language.

Earlier in the summer I went on a French road trip and in preparation I spent time daily dusting off my skills because I love pretending to be a local whenever I go on holiday! In Marseille I even got complimented on my French – boom! I told myself that I would continue to learn, so that next time I return I’d be even more confident.

I had good intentions but I have let life get a little in the way since I got back and haven’t tried at all – unless we count watching French shows on Netflix as practising?! So now I’m setting the intention to spend time daily learning or practising my French – even if it’s watching a Rachel Martino video

Breathe (give yourself a break!)

We can be our own worst enemy sometimes, right? When there’s a lot of stress coming at me from different areas I tend to let it build up a bit. I’ve started introducing a few things that allow me to take a second to breathe, which I want to make routine in September:

  1. Turn my phone to airplane mode by 9:30pm. This is the only way I find myself able to put my phone down, switch off from texting and scrolling through social media.
  2. Meditate daily. I use the Calm app to track this and I usually manage to do it a few times a week, but for September I’m setting the intention to do it everyday – I’ll let you know how it goes! 

Don’t let uncertainty become procrastination

I have a tendency to stop in my tracks when I’m uncertain or nervous about something – even if I know deep down that it’s something I really want. This month my intention is to stop procrastinating and waiting for the perfect moment to do things. And – (as a good friend once told me) “Just do”.

So these are my intentions for September! I’m looking forward to the challenge because I think these things will really help me improve and develop myself in the ways I need right now. I’d love to hear about any intentions you are setting for this month, or how your intentions went for last month.