5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in April

5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in April

Spring is springing into action and we are officially in April! I think we can all agree that we’ve had enough April showers to last us a while though, right?! April is such an exciting month – and not just because it means we get a four day bank holiday and there’s chocolate everywhere. April brings lighter mornings and longer evenings, occasional sunshine so good that you can just about feel warmth on your skin, slowly we start shedding the big winter coats – and all of this leads to chirpier, cheerier people.

I’ve seen other people write about the highlights of their months and I thought it would be a great practice to look forward and share what I’m excited for in April!

Weekend Yoga Course with Alexandria Crow

Today I’m heading to London for a weekend of training with Alexandria Crow. The workshops will cover some philosophy, anatomy (hooray!), a class planning lab as well as many other things. Ever since my teacher training (sorry – I know I talk about it too much!) I’ve wanted to learn more and more, and this is the perfect opportunity to dig deep. I’m pretty nervous and I think it’s really going to be a challenge for me, but all the more reason to do it. I’m thinking this course will definitely help me with my goals as a yoga teacher! I’ll report back on how it goes!

Turning the heating off

It’s possible that I live in the UK’s coldest flat. We have beautiful old windows with the thinnest glass you can imagine, and almost rotten window frames that let cold air in and hot air out. This month we’re turning our heating off and hoping for the best (I say after having a morning of it on desperately trying to dry washing before the weekend). So in April I’m excited to say goodbye to paying for heating and hello to ever so slightly warmer weather – I’ve heard it’s going to be 14 degrees next week…FOURTEEN DEGREES. It’s the simple things, eh?

Reading more!

This month/year I’m making so much more effort to read books instead of scrolling through endless pages of the internet – though let’s face it, if I can find time for both, even better! I posted a blog earlier this week about the books on my bookshelf so be sure to go and see what I’m currently reading – there are some inspiring ones on the list!

Lifting weights and feeling good

I used to go to the gym on my lunch hour everyday when I worked in London, and since I moved down to Brighton, I haven’t been at all! That is until now, April has got me feeling more confident about getting back to the gym, trying out different workouts and not being scared to head for the weights/equipment (rather than hiding in the stretching area doing handstands!). I actually even got up at 6am earlier in the week to go for a gym session…definitely needed an even earlier night than normal after that (I’m not mad!).

Being a (slightly) more sociable human

I admit – I have become a bit of a hermit. I’m totally blaming winter and being SO cold – and also being an introvert – but now April is here I’m ready to shed my antisocial cocoon (on occasion) and bloom into a slightly more sociable person. I’ve got a couple of things coming up including an evening out with all my friends from Hertfordshire, and I can’t wait!

So much to look forward to this month! And even more in the coming months too. What’s making you happy excited for April?!