15/12/17: Cold, cold, cold and being grown up

15/12/17: Cold, cold, cold and being grown up

This little corner of my blog will be weekly diary updates: some personal, some  pictures, some lists, some something else entirely – we’ll see how it goes. 

Let’s start with three grown up things that happened last weekend:

  1. We got our first ever Christmas tree
  2. We went to an RSPCA centre to look at rescuing a cat (and simultaneously had our hearts broken by a beautiful Maine Coon who needed a garden)
  3. Nathan forgoed eating the food he wanted, so that food we already had wouldn’t go to waste

Very grown up stuff. That being said, we also spent the majority of Sunday curled up under a duvet on the sofa, watching elf, not cleaning the flat, and eating copious amounts of biscuits, mince pies (for Nathan) and crisps – so I suppose we’re finding a balance?


Monday I wasn’t at my 9-5 job, I was at home and contemplating what I want from 2018, my blog and my yoga experience. I listened to the most random Spotify playlists and wondered how to make my blog (and life) as chic as my current blogging, youtube-ing, instagramming icon, Kate La Vie. I also tried to film yoga content for my Instagram and failied miserably – let’s blame the lighting.


Politeness goes a long way. A LONG WAY INDEED. Central heating, however, does not go very far in a flat with rickety single glazed windows…BRRR.


I worked from home and went completely mad. I decided to go for a run by the seafront (I really hate running. Really. I was once used as an example at school of how not to run.) and I didn’t die and i didn’t hate it. There was a beautiful sunset and it actually felt good, I might go again. This was inspired by Chelsey Korus – the ultimate yoga/fitness inspiration. I then went to a Rocket 3 class which also felt good but I’m seriously aching from it already. I ended the week cooking sweet potato wedges, washing up to an independent ladies Spotify playlist (100% recommend by the way) and then sobbing over Gossip Girl on the sofa.

Christmas tree

This pretty much summarises my week – it was a pretty good one. I think next week will be even better for the following reasons:

  1. I have two days of work and then finish for the rest of the year
  2. I’m going home to my parents house for Christmas

No biggies or anything…but seriously, HAMILTON. I’m not throwing away my shot.

On that note – have a great week everyone.