Yogi Christmas Gift Guide 2017 – Part One

Yogi Christmas Gift Guide 2017 – Part One

Yoga is in no way about things – you don’t need anything to practice yoga* and it is in no way necessary to have the latest yoga pants, mat or anything else at all. HOWEVER, it is the festive season, and with the festive season often brings gift giving. If you’re looking to treat the yogi in your life but have no idea where to start, fear not as I have dug deep into the world of online yogi shopping (I know – the selfless things I do) and have collated a gift guide full of ideas for your favourite yogi!

*Except an open mind – or at least a mind that wants to be open – but that’s a different post entirely and now I’m completely rambling – not the best start!


A yoga gift guide wouldn’t be complete without mention of yoga mats. A new yoga mat is a wonderful thing and makes such an amazing gift.

Yoga Design Lab Mats Gift Guide


As you can see, the YDL mats are luxurious and beautiful – the perfect gift. The quality of these mats is incredible, they are pretty heavy and sturdy (they also do lighter travel mats) but the fabric is so soft and lovely. These mats are best for someone who does a lot of dynamic, sweaty or hot yoga – as the more you sweat, the better your grip is. Whenever I take mine to a public class, someone always asks where it’s from or compliments it – always a good feeling!

Jade Yoga Mats Gift Guide


During my Yoga Teacher Training in New York I discovered Jade Yoga mats – amongst the group they were the mat to have! A Jade Yoga mat is very practical and whenever I’ve used one I feel more stable and in control, which is always going to benefit your practice. These mats also come in so many different colours, and sizes – they do a longer size for taller yogis and they also do children’s sized mats (SO cute!)! They’re also an eco brand – the mats are made from sustainable natural rubber and a tree is planted for every mat sold – so everyone is winning!


I give PROPS to whoever came up with using props for yoga – get it?!!? In all seriousness, during my YTT I learned just how amazing props are for your practice – they are not just for beginners – and there’s no way I could not include them in this gift guide!

YoProps Christmas Gift Guide


I’m dreaming of this Yogibare yoga wheel at the moment, I tried it out at my local studio and – it’s a winner! Plus look how chic it is! This would be ideal for someone who loves experimenting with backbends and inversions and practices yoga at home (or wants the motivation to!).


Bolsters are an incredible thing, I love using them in class for extra support. This would be ideal for someone likes restorative or yin yoga, or someone who is pregnant.


The humble cork brick is by far my favourite prop for yoga. They look so simple, people often overlook them, or presume that they’re too advanced to be using them. But they can help assist the most advanced practitioners, even in the most simple (seeming) pose. I also love putting a block on my belly and on my chest in Savasana – it’s so grounding and calming.


Every yogi needs a break from all that physical practice – why not read about yoga while you rest!
Yoga Books Christmas Gift Guide


This book is perfect for any aspiring yoga teacher, or anyone who wants to deepen their practice. I won’t lie, when I bought it at first, I was a little intimidated but it really is a great breakdown of the Yoga Sutras. Some amazing lessons in this book and even breakdowns of Sanskrit words – I definitely recommend.


Ah Shona Vertue, an amazing yoga and fitness teacher who has devised her own vertu-ous method. She is incredibly wise and yogis and fitness lovers have a lot to learn from her! This book is so well put together and is full of intelligent and entertaining advice.


I feel like there’s a correlation between yoga people and cat people – why not embrace them both while you plan out your diary?!? Enough said.


  • Why not do a quick google search for yoga studios in your area, you could sign your yoga friend up for a workshop or purchase a gift card or subscription for their favourite studio! I think that would be an amazing gift, that any yogi would be incredibly grateful for.
  • At the end of my teacher training we were all given eye pillows, it’s such a simple and lovely gift. You can get silk ones, or ones with lavender in – they’re amazing for a restorative class, during meditation or for during Savasana.

I’m going to follow up this gift guide with a second post, full of gift ideas including yoga pants and all of that good fashion that we can’t resist – I’m looking at you Sweaty Betty.

I think it’s important to stress that while all of these ideas for gifts are great, it’s important that you don’t worry about buying any of it, or having any of it either. I love things and stuff, but if I didn’t have them or wasn’t given gifts by anyone – that would be more than ok – this is an amazing time for reflection and for spending time with friends and family, which is what matters most after all.

As always, thank you for reading and if you have any comments – please get in touch!