Diary of a Trainee Yoga Teacher: Is this something I’m even good at?!

Diary of a Trainee Yoga Teacher: Is this something I’m even good at?!

Three weeks until I fly to New York and a couple of extra days on top of that until my teacher training begins. Definitely a mix of feelings currently. I am so looking forward to the training and the whole process but as I get closer, I also can’t help but wonder: am I even good at yoga?! Do I have enough knowledge?! Am I physically and mentally capable enough for this experience?! One of the assignments I have to complete before the first day is to answer ‘What is Yoga?’ – this question has really thrown me, and probably led to my self doubts! It’s tricky but I’m getting there and I can’t wait to just get started and I will be able to answer these questions for myself.

I have also been sent a Sanskrit glossary and asked to look over it, but not to worry about learning them…of course I have understood this as you must learn these words and have devised a plan – I guess it doesn’t hurt to be over prepared! I’ve set up daily reminders on my phone so everyday at 7:15am three Sanskrit words and their English definitions appear on my screen, so I have all day to look at them. I’ve even set up a spreadsheet so I can test myself…too keen maybe?!

So that’s where I am for now! Back soon with another update and maybe a Dharma Bums haul…

Jess xxx

  • I replied to your post on TBB’s blog before. I just did the 200-hour teacher training intensive through YogaWorks and it was amazing! Don’t worry about whether or not you’re good enough or strong enough or whatever. People of all different levels take the training. I’ve been practicing for 7 years and I still can’t do a damn handstand! (Fear of falling on my head!) Let me know if you have questions and good luck!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, I woke up to it this morning and it really brought me a lot of joy and excitement to begin! So good to hear from someone who has actually done the training already, as I found the course online and have just taken a chance on it after doing my research! And I’m determined to nail the handstand too – we can do it! 🙂